Monday, 28 October 2013

Suzani Chair

If you haven't been to the V&A museum then why not?
To be honest it's been a while for me and  so off I went with the family on tow to meet an old friend. I will blog about the exhibitions later. But for now I love the shop at the museum.,, it's a source of inspiration with lovley books, fabrics,toys something for everyone.
But for me the inspiration came from the Suzani Chair displayed in all it's glory!
The wood is sourced from Brazil.The upholstery is upcycled antique embroidered Suzani fabric from Uzekistan.
As much as I wanted to purchase this beautiful chair it would have to wait. Imagine me carrying this chair on the tube...,now that would be a sight.But it gives  me another reason to return to this wonderful museum.....!!

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