Sunday, 6 October 2013

Printed Textile Design Book review

Well as some of you know I love books......especially any book on Textiles. But what could be better when you are reviewing a book where you get mentioned. So its a privileged for me to write about the new book by Amanda Briggs Goode.

Amanda is the Principle is the course leader for the BA Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University. She is not only the course leader but has also published books, journal articles, exhibitions and conferences proceedings. Her research into digital textile design has been exhibited internationally.

What I like about this book is that Amanda has covered many aspects of Textile design from the various printing techniques to how the processes work within the industry. Amanda also covers the various design opportunities within this vast business. And that is where I have been fortunate to be mentioned as a freelance designer. 

There is also many examples of working in textiles from Print studios to textile manufacturers, converters, garment suppliers and retailers. And for those that want to pursue a career in textiles this book is the one for you from practical advise on writing a CV to potential employers to Design Copyright and Selling Designs. Not to mention how to put the theory into practise with practical and easy to follow instructions on how to create repeats in photoshop and learn the design process.


So whether you are a student, a designer for many years or simply want to know more about the textile industry then is the book for you. The content and chapters are designed to give full insight to all the aspects of textile design, giving you a step by step guide to all the processes involved. 

The book is published by Laurence King and can be purchased on Amazon.

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