Friday, 22 November 2013


As some of you know I had the opportunity to visit Stockholm a few weeks ago. And finally I have the opportunity to share this experience with you. If Im honest I wasn't sure what to expect but visiting Stockholm gave me an eye opener to this European city where the generally consensus of fashion is smart casual with clean lines.
My first stop was at the Hotel Hellsten situated in the heart of the city. It has an eclectic lounge full of old vintage suit cases and Budda heads and with its maroon walls has a cosy feel and my favourite find here was the Mosaic Chair in the lounge. I love the tropical pattern...feeling inspired and its only day one.

Although this city has an established art scene and great fashion brands like Acne, Monki, Cheap Mondays, H&M who's head office by the way is in the city centre....has a different vibe to Paris. I would describe the fashion as ' Less is more', colours are refined and the cut is clean and simple but still distinctive.