Saturday, 3 December 2011


Hi Guys

I was invited again on the BBC Asian Network on the Sonia Deol show,which aired last Tuesday. I was talking all things Fashion for the christmas season. I discussed Colour/ Body shapes/Fabrics etc whats in and what not to wear- so listen in. It will put a smile on your smile.

Go to the BCC Asian Network:  and scroll down on the left hand side.

Click on Bottom Left hand side and  Fashion expert Davinder Madaher talks Xmas party fashion. When the box comes up go forward to about 1:16 hours into the show.

But do it quick as there is only two days left!!



Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Hi everyone I love the Oriental Trend for bedding. I thought you might like to check the new Blossom print that I worked on as part of the design team at Littlewoods. The print is not only on bedding but is also on rugs/ cushions and curtains.

Monday, 31 October 2011


You may think I am going Joules Clothing crazy as im writing another post on this great british brand. I was on their website today and there to my surprise was the Lemar Print that we worked on as part of the Joules Design team recoloured in lovely blues / pinks and yellow called Arielle for girlswear.  I love the skirt. It looks great for this season!! I can imagine my Naomi wearing the dress with fun stockings and boots. In fact its no surprise that the print was put on their wellies. So if you are looking for a fab outfit for your little girl this is a must have.

Images from courtesy of Joules Clothing.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi Guys its been a couple of weeks since I blogged. Well I wanted to put some more of my bedding designs as they are now available in Littlewoods/ Very catalogues or on line. Well as some of you know I love anything flora and I do design lots of florals. I love designing for bedding as it gives me the opportunity to see my designs on a larger scale.

Here is a print that is selling well its called ELLA:
I love it in the Blues above

I also design lots of Traditional florals and with the VINTAGE Trend that is around and will be for a long time to come, here is a design called LIBBY- I love it in the LILACS!!

Following from the Traditional florals is this design called PADSTOW!!  We did see in a previous blog on the TEAL Trend Board. Here it is recoloured in BLUES and NATURAL. A colour way that I love!!

I will be updating you more from homeware. I will be posting some of my fashion but some of its not out yet as it will be mainly sold in Europe next year. But watch this space.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Hi guys here is some Tropical

Tropical Bedding designed for Littlewoods

Tropical theme is still HOT!!! and I thought I put some images up. Here is a page that I did but also some bedding design I designed earlier this year for Littlewoods/Very. Enjoy I love the Tropical theme its so much fun. I will be sending some images later on the Resort collections its Tropical crazy.....

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Trends for Spring/Summer 2011

HI Guys

I thought I blog about the new trends from Littlewoods who I freelance for. As you can see  Teals and Green is still important for this season. Note my bedding design on the Trend board. Also Purple is coming in as the season changes. I designed the Chrysanthemum floral on the Canvas but this is also on Bedding, Bathroom and Dinnerware. I have also designed the Padstow print which is the Purple Geometric  design. There is also the Margate Check I designed.

And finally there is the new range for the Opposite Attracts my design is on the Dinner set ie the Black and White floral called Swan Bold Floral, it is also in Red and White. I love seeing the final design on the products so enjoy!!!! I will be updating on new designs as the weeks go this space!!!!!

Padstow in Teals

 Padstow Bedding 
Margate Check

Swan Bold Flora in Black / White  and Red/ White

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sainsburys Mug design

Hi Guys I was looking through some magazines the other day and found one of my designs that I did for Sainsburys last year. It was in Aprils addition of Ideal Magazine. Its nice when your design is in a magazine- alas the designers name is never on it. Anyway it was nice to see.

In the August issue of  GOOD HOMES my Tropical design appeared again both in the cushion and in the melamine plates on the lefthand page. I think this design is a best seller!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Harrogate home and gift fair

As some of you know Caroline and I exhibited at the Harrogate and Home and Gift Fair last week. It was our first trade show and we had a great response to our products. We met some nice people and fellow exhibitors which I will be writing about in the next few weeks.Here are some pictures from the show.
  the space was small but we made it work. The first picture is arriving at our space.

Here is caroline setting up we started putting up the frames. Note the Wake up and Smell the Curry teatowel.

Here is the final transformation of our space- looking very pink and pretty.

Here is Caroline with 'bump' looking good. Sell girl sell!! A big thank you to all that stopped by and said hi and to those that purchased some products. Watch out My Poppet Petite is about!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Harrogate Home and Gift fair

Hi everyone- I am currently exhibiting at the Harrogate Home and gift fair with Caroline.This is our first trade show and we already getting orders for our cards/ Aprons/mugs and teatowels- so thats exciting. I will be bringing updates in the next couple of days..... here is us on their website:

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hi Guys
just wanted to let you know that my Tropical  Floral cushion design that I did for Littlewoods has been in July issues of Good homes and Style at Home. Tropical is on trend especially homeware as seen here Trends For The Home at Littlewoods. And I am already working on designs for Spring/Summer 2012 so watch out next year!!!! Anyway really excited seeing the designs in the magazine. The design is also on melamine which is in Augusts issue of Good homes but will post that later.
Anyway big thanks to the teams at Good Homes and Style at Home.

Friday, 8 July 2011

BBC Homes and Antiques magazine Feature

Hi everyone we are so EXCITED!!!!  As some of you know I also work with my wife Caroline as part of My Poppet Petite. Well we have been mentioned in our first Magazine issue.  It is the
BBC Homes and Antiques magazine.We have been mentioned in August issues of the magazine. Our patchwork cushion was mentioned. Thank you to the team at Homes and Antique magazine we really appreciate this.

Here is a close up of the cushion- you can buy it on

thanks again BBC Home and Antique magazine team!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mention on Leicester Print workshop Members newsletter

HI Guys

just a quickie to let you know that i was mentioned on the Leicester Print workshop members news letter. A brief mention of my interview with BBC ASIAN NETWORK with SONIA DEOL. I am so busy at the moment getting ready for the Harrogate Home and Gift fair with My Poppet petite. But I will be posting new posts soon of my designs currently in store and in magazines.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hi guys I had the priviledge to be interviewed by the BBC Asian Network on the Sonia Deol show. I shared my experiences about being a designer and also to follow your dreams!!! Thanks Sonia I had a blast and can't wait to come back and talk all things wedding!!!!!