Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Trends for Spring/Summer 2011

HI Guys

I thought I blog about the new trends from Littlewoods who I freelance for. As you can see  Teals and Green is still important for this season. Note my bedding design on the Trend board. Also Purple is coming in as the season changes. I designed the Chrysanthemum floral on the Canvas but this is also on Bedding, Bathroom and Dinnerware. I have also designed the Padstow print which is the Purple Geometric  design. There is also the Margate Check I designed.

And finally there is the new range for the Opposite Attracts my design is on the Dinner set ie the Black and White floral called Swan Bold Floral, it is also in Red and White. I love seeing the final design on the products so enjoy!!!! I will be updating on new designs as the weeks go this space!!!!!

Padstow in Teals

 Padstow Bedding 
Margate Check

Swan Bold Flora in Black / White  and Red/ White

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